What to eat in Nice? Session No. 1

Like an Erasmus student, you desire about tasting everything traditional to discover all beauties of your new home town and feel more local. But where to start? What is the most traditional dish in Nice? What should you order in restaurant and which is the best one?

There are few must tips what to eat in Nice and go beyond the Niçoise salad:

Niçoise cuisine in Mediterranean is typical by seafood and fresh ingredients that play an important role in its specialties. Moreover, you don’t only get good food in restaurants but even when buying products in local shops or supermarkets you will taste high quality products anyway!

Fleur de courgette

French people are very inventive in cooking when it comes on vegetable. In Nice you can come across Courgette flower that is prepared in many ways. It is necessary to taste them!

Daube niçoise

Daube niçoise is beef stew that is boiled in red wine with vegetable and herbs. This dish is often served  with mushroom (which create a special taste of the sauce) and your favourite pasta.


Socca is kind of salty chickpea flour pancake that is typically served with local rosé! If you like cooking it is not difficult to prepare it on your own at home. Find recipe here: RECIPE


It is my favourite! Pissaladiére is a delicious cake with onion, black olives and anchovies.


Pan bagnat

Actually, we must not forget about Niçoise salad. Pan bagnat is a sandwich that is full of this salad where you can find raw fresh vegetables, hard boiled eggs, anchovies, tuna, and olive oil. No mayonnaise at all!


Bon Appetit